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MOT stands for Ministry Of Transport. It is an annual test most vehicles older than three years must undergo to ensure they meet the minimum safety standards. Driving and parking on public roads are allowed only with a valid MOT certificate.

MOT test Manchester at Collingham Autos Ltd

Collingham Autos is the one-stop solution for vehicle needs. We understand the importance of our customer's cars.

Therefore, our comprehensive MOT services ensure your vehicle is legally safe to drive and meets environmental standards mandated by the Ministry of Transport.

If your vehicle passes the MOT test, our certified testers will provide you with a VT20 (pass) certificate; if any major or dangerous faults are found, you will receive a VT30 (fail) report listing the issues. Only after all repairs have been carried out and the vehicle has undergone a partial re-test can a VT20 certificate be issued.

Is your car due for an MOT Manchester? Let our experts handle your vehicle.

You can book a test online on our homepage or over the phone at 0161 833 3444.

Some of the checkpoints of an MOT:

Vehicle identification: This test includes checking the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), engine number, and vehicle's registration plate to ensure they are available and match the registration documents' details.

Exhaust System and Emissions: our team examine the exhaust system to ensure your vehicle meets environmental standards and checks for leaks or any noises.

Fuel System: we ensure the assessment of fuel system components for leaks and security.

Seat Belts: Our team verifies the seatbelt's condition and ensures it is secure for your safety. We make sure it functions correctly.

Lights, mirrors, and windows: Our team checks all the lights inside and outside as well as the condition of the mirrors and windows (cracks, chips, etc.).

Suspension: it keeps your vehicle stable. Our team will check the suspension system for the required handling stability.

Wipers: we will check the condition of the wipers to ensure they can keep your windscreen clear.

All-over body condition: we check for severe rust and corrosion damage, etc.

These are just a few parts we check. You can find the complete MOT test checklist on the official DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) website.

Why choose us?

Choosing Collingham Autos can provide you with a seamless experience. Our team has years of experience ensuring customer safety and satisfaction.

Here are some good reasons to choose us:

Expertise- We work with professional technicians who know cars inside and out.

Reliable Services- We offer trustworthy and always reliable MOT Manchester inspections.

Convenience- we know the value of your time, so we strive to provide MOT services hassle-free. You can count on us to complete the work quickly and efficiently at a time that suits you best.

Quality Service- In case a vehicle has failed its MOT, we can help with repairs. We will certainly also carry out the partial re-test afterwards and issue the VT20. Providing quality service is the heart of what we do. We aim to provide customer satisfaction and a positive experience throughout the process.

Peace of Mind- we at Collingham Ltd make sure you can drive for another year with peace of mind.

Pricing- we always try our best to keep the costs for our customers as low as possible.

Excellent Customer Service- Our friendly team is always happy to help.

Want to book an MOT Manchester with us? Here are steps you can follow to book an appointment:

  • Find the booking section on our homepage
  • Choose the Book MOT section
  • Enter your vehicle's Register Number
  • Proceed to Booking
  • Select your preferred date and time for testing
  • Then proceed to "Booking" to confirm.

Please note: You can combine the MOT test with any of our other services when booking.

You can also book over the phone by dialling 0161 833 3444 or by visiting us directly at Unit 5 Collingham St, Manchester, M88RQ.

If you have any questions outside our opening times, you can also email us at

We are looking forward to helping you soon.

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